Refreshing, refueling and rejuvenating women through Christ. Reaching women where they are with inspirational, real-life encouragement and spiritual truth!

Self Care" workshops for teachers, social workers, counselors, pastors, pastor's spouses, youth and children pastors...

“Putting the SELF back in Care” - Learning how to focus on the six most important areas of self-care We often here about ‘Self-care’ and how important it is, yet most of us put it on the back burner. We feel ‘selfish’. Needing, desiring and longing to be ‘cared for’ is not selfish, it’s self-preservation. If you don’t take care of YOU, then there will be nothing left of you to give to others. There is no “one-size-fits-all” self-care plan but this workshop will help you refocus on what YOUR best plan is for your individual needs, weaknesses and strengths.

“Professional Mapping” – A Road to Career Encouragement It’s hard to know where we’re headed or where we’ve been without a plan or a map. This workshop teaches how to do professional road -mapping of your career. Learning how to reflect on the highs and focus on accomplishments, as well as goals met, will help sustain you through the times when success seems to have abandoned you. As driven helpers, care-givers, teachers and social workers, we tend to focus on the difficult things and stressed times rather than the positives. Learn how to acknowledge when you need to stop and rest rather than allowing yourself to burn out.

A personal note from Karen on the subject of Speaking Fees:


One of the first questions everyone asks is "How much does it cost to have you come speak?" There is a simple answer and I can tell you a set fee, if you like, but what I encourage Women's Ministry Leaders and conference coordinators to do is call me, email me or send a carrier pigeon with a message...after you pray.

Yes, I have a fee range but I have also spoken at conferences and retreats for free, for an offering and for reduced fees. I go where God leads me and He has never disappointed me. I encourage you not to let a tight or constrained budget dictate how you reach the women in your church and community. Rely on God and He will show you how to plan, get sponsors or raise funds, if need be. Please trust that if He led you to my website or to me through someone else, then He has put you on my heart already and will work things out for the women you desire to reach and for my good...all for His glory. Do not hesitate to share with me and I will be open, honest and trust Him as we communicate.

I do request that my travel and lodging be paid for where applicable. I also work hard to make those items affordable and reasonable. The earlier you book or schedule me for your event, the easier it is for me to arrange for discounted hotel and airfare. If your church is within driving distance from my home state of Kentucky, then I prefer to drive there and back. (I will continue to do so until the cost of fuel makes that unreasonable.)

If you found me at the last minute, don't hesitate to call or ask. I've spoken at events with as few as 20 women in attendance and with crowds larger than 1,000. There are times that I can squeeze you in to the calendar at the last minute and other times I cannot but you never know until you ask.


Please remember that Spring and Fall are typically the busiest times of year for conferences so book as far in advance as possible but again, don't hesitate to call and ask, even if you have a short time to plan and little notice. I will go where God leads me. God Bless you for planning an event that will reach, teach and inspire women for God.  ~ Karen

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Just for Women's Conferences and Retreats:

Running On E' -

Do you ever feel like you’re just “Running On E" ?

When your car runs out of fuel, do you put water in it to make it run again? (We wish, don't we?) When your body is weak and tired from lack of food, do you truly benefit best from eating a bag of chips and a candy bar? (Again, we wish...) Or is it best to refuel your vehicle with gasoline so it will actually run as it's supposed to? Rather than reaching for a bag of chips wouldn't our bodies and our minds be much better fueled by protein and veggies ?


Day in and day out we work to overcome the pains of high gasoline and oil prices - but we do it nonetheless. At the same time, an ever increasingly high percentage of Americans state they are currently on diets or working to control their eating habits in order to better their health and their looks. The efforts to refuel our vehicles and our bodies in a way that makes them at their peak performance seems never ending.


But how much time and effort do we put into properly refueling our spirits? Our churches? Our ministries? Can we keep going and going fueled merely by the junk the world has to offer? What are you being refueled by? TV, movies, sex, gossip, the cyber world, food, vanity, alcohol, shopping? Most of us, especially women today, are Running On Empty. ..using anything and everything we can to try to fill us up, except for the only fuel that will truly do the job - Jesus Christ and hope through His Word!

As part of a “Running On E’ Conference, Karen speaks on the following topics, over three complete sessions:

1. Desperate Prayer Lives ~ A moving, inspirational and humorous look at taking time out for prayer and the importance of doing so! (includes her dynamic personal testimony.)

2. Running On E’ ~ A Biblically based, bold and important topic that ALL women can relate to on confronting, calling out and eliminating the bad fuels in our lives and learning how to refuel and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul with Godly fuel!

3. PMS ~ Praising My Savior - A fresh, funny, zany yet meaningful look at nurturing a change in your life through learning to Praise God no matter your stress, cramps, bloating and other girlie circumstances!

Filled with fresh girlie humor, raging hormones and Biblical insights that women of ALL ages can relate to, Running on E' is filled with timeless, up to date topics for any conference or retreat.

All of the above sessions may also be scheduled as stand alone conferences or keynote addresses.