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Refreshing, refueling and rejuvenating women in Christ. Reaching women where they are with inspirational, real-life encouragement and spiritual truth!

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Welcome to Life Coach Inspired

As a Christian Life Coach, Karen specializes in the following Life Coaching areas:

  • Life and Career transitions
  • Forgiveness and healing from old wounds
  • Coaching for Special Needs Families and Parents
  • Coaching and Life Skill training for people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • Relationship Coaching and communication skills 

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What’s the difference between Life Coaching and Mental Health Counseling/Therapy?

Life Coaching begins with an evaluation of your current life conditions and then takes you through a process to assist you in setting goals, formulating plans to achieve your goals and encourages you to take steps forward towards success. These goals can be personal, professional, spiritual or relational. Improving your outlook, inspiring you and assisting you on your path towards wisdom and spiritual growth are also a part of Christian Life Coaching.

Therapy is a bit different in that it helps to promote insight by going through past issues and assesses your mental health status along with your emotional capabilities. Therapy can be important for healing emotional pain and for resolving past issues that impinge upon life satisfaction and functionality but it is not necessary for all individuals. Therapy is also the type of treatment prescribed for disorders like depression, addiction and uncontrolled anxiety. Life Coach Inspired does not offer this type of therapy and if such therapy is deemed necessary by the Life Coach after assessment or Coaching has begun then such services will be referred and Life Coaching will be discontinued until such mental health services have been secured by the Client. Although in my Coaching role I may incorporate certain skills and techniques from my experience as a Christian Biblical Counselor and as an Ordained Minister, it is only used to augment the Coaching process rather than to treat psychological issues. Coaching is not psychotherapy, nor a substitute for professional counseling or psychiatric services.

Life Coaching Blog: For more info, inspiration and encouraging tips on managing stress, fear and anxiety in daily trials, click into Karen's Lifecoach-inspired.blogspot.com

About Your Life Coach:

Karen is a Certified Christian Life Coach and a seasoned, captivating Inspirational Speaker. She is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors and the International Christian Coaches Assoc. as well as a published Author. She has developed several successful self-esteem building programs for children, adults, and teens as well as her specific programs to help inspire and encourage Women. She has a passion for reaching others for the Lord and has spoken at over 400 different schools, churches, and conferences. She is an experienced Christian Life Coach who has the ability to impart Biblical principles and wisdom to her clients in an uplifting and authentic manner.

How much does Coaching cost?

Your first 30 minute tele-session is FREE. (Email Karen to set up your free first session.)  If you feel that Karen and Life Coach Inspired are the right fit for you then it is suggested that you commit to a regular Coaching session on a monthly basis either through our 3-session package or on a weekly or monthly basis as shown below.

Life Coach Inspired offers the following terms for Life Coaching Sessions:

3 – 45 minute sessions in one month at a cost of $120 (paid at the beginning of each month with sessions scheduled accordingly throughout the month.)

6 – 45 minute sessions (can be scheduled over a 1, 2 or 3 month period) at a total cost of $200.00

(In order to receive the discounted rate packages listed above, you must pay for and schedule your Life Coaching session in advance.)

Or pay on a per session basis at a cost of $45 per 45 minute Coaching session. (All sessions must be scheduled a minimum of 2 business days in advance.)

Please note: All sessions are to be paid for ahead of time via PayPal. Once you have paid for your session(s) please contact Life Coach Inspired to set up your appointments. Once I have verified your payment via PayPal we are ready to go!

Email Karen about Life Coaching at lifecoachinspired@yahoo.com